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Favorite South African expressions and Sayings: Lingo for the Linguist

n AllAn Indian expression adopted by most South Africans, meaning “and everything.”“He took my TV ‘n all”, “Things are sometimes better off simple, you don’t always need that ‘n All, ‘n All, ‘n All”

Ag, Nee Man! [ach, neer man]Oh, No Man!

AmpedKeen, full of energy, looking forward to.“I’m amped for the concert this weekend!”

Babbelas [bub-buh-luss]A Hangover (Derived from a Zulu word).

Baggies [bag-ees]What Americans refer to as Swimming Trunks, this refers mainly to surf shorts males wear.

Ballie [Ba-li]Assumed as “Old Man”, also used a term for father as in, “I went to visit my ballie the other day”.

Bakkie [buck-ee]A Pick Up Truck

Biltong [bill-tong]Raw meat, salted, spiced and dried – Similar to Beef Jerky but much better. Bilton is commonly made from Cow, but Kudu, Ostrich, Elephant or any other type of meat will generally do.

BiscuitOtherwise known as a Cookie.

Boerewors (wors) [boor-uh-vors]Thick South African, “Farmer’s Sausage”. It has a distinct flavour and is encased in intestine. Also referred to as “Wors” and used in Wors Rolls, which are like hotdogs with boerewors instead of everyday sausage.

Boet [like book, with a t]Afrikaans word for “Brother” (See Also Bru).“Hey Boet”

Braai [br-eye]Similar to a BBQ, but takes longer resulting in beverage consulting and shooting the breeze.

Bru [Brew]Bro (See Also Boet).“Hey My Bru!”

CampGay“Man, those shorts look so Camp”

CheckTo Look“Hey, come check this!”

ChinaTerm of affection for Good Friend“Hey China!”

ChopIdiot (See Also Doos, Plank).“You’re such a chop you know that”

Chuffed To be happy or pleased with (See Also Stoked).“I’m quite chuffed with the results from last week’s exam!”

DodgeIf something is Dodge, it is suspect, derived from the word “Dodgy”“Hey bru, that last pie looks a bit dodge”.

DoffStupid.“What were you thinking, are You doff ?”

DoosIdiot (See Also Chop, Plank).“Doos!”

Dop [dawp]Alcoholic Drink or To drink.“Buy me a dop” or “I’m going to the bar to dop”

Dos [dors]To sleep or nap.“I’m buggered, I’m gonna go dos”

Eish [aysh]A Zulu word used to express shock, wonder, sympathy and on occasion “sigh”.Peter : “My car was stolen yesterday…” John : “Eish! Sorry Man”Hendrik : “I got an A+ on my exam!” Owen : “Eish! Well Done” (Really!)

Hectic Meant in the usual Chaotic sense, but can also mean to have a chaotic good time.This word can even be used to express sympathy.“Traffic was hectic today”“That party was hectic bru, man you missed out!”“Hey, I heard you didn’t pass your drivers test, that’s hectic bru, I’m sorry to hear it.”

HeyUsed for emphasis in South African slang.“What you up to, hey?”

Howzit Greeting for “Hello” can also be a combination of both “Hello” and “How’s it going?”, commonly used in the sentence“Howzit My China!” or “Howzit My Bru!”

Is it? [izzit]Commonly used in the sentence “Is it hey?” Translated into “Really?”

JaAfrikaans for “Yes”

Jislaaik [yis-like]An Afrikaans expression of outrage or surprise.“Jislaaik, did you see how that taxi just cut me off!”

Just Now In the “near” future (See Also Now Now).No promise of exactly when, a much longer time period is involved than with Now Now.

KlapTo hit or smack (See Also Bliksem, Donner).A.A.K – Attitude Adjustment Klap.

LankA lot or extremely.“This lecture is lank boring.”

Larny Posh or expensive. Can relate to anything from houses, cars and clothes to any other possessions.“That’s a larny house hey”

Lekker [lekk-irr with a rolling r]The Afrikaans word for “Nice”, has more zing to it don’t you think? Nowadays it can also be said to mean Great, Good, Cool or Tasty. Often heard used in a sentence such as “Lekker soos a Krakker” which answers the commonly asked “How are you doing?” question in a most hearty manner.

MealieWhat Americans refer to as Corn on the Cob.

MiffedAnother term for the commonly used phrase “Pissed Off”.“Wow, what did you say to her?! She looks pretty miffed.”

Mission Used to describe when someone is not taking advice from anyone else or if someone is very determined.Can also be used to describe undertaking a task which is a lot of effort. (See Also Schlep).“I tried to talk him out of it, but he is on his own mission.”“She is on a mission to find out what happened last night.”“Taking out the garbage is always such a mission.”

MozzieA Mozquito.

Now-NowIn a bit (See Also Just Now).Quicker than just now, still no guarantee of exactly when.

OkeGuy or Bloke, “He’s a good oke”, (See Also Ous).On a MissionVisible determination to complete a task. Cannot be persuaded.“I tried to stop him from doing it, but he was on a mission.”

One Time More of an Indian term, used to describe something being done quickly and easily.“Don’t worry, I’ll wash it for you one time!”

Pitch UpTo arrive (See Also Rocked Up).“I pitched up wearing my new jacket”

PlankAn Idiot (See Also Chop, Doos).“I felt like such a plank hey!”

Rock Up To arrive somewhere. (See Also Pitch Up).“I rocked up at the mall around 9am”

Robot What Americans refer to as a Traffic Light.

Sarmie A Sandwich.

ShameThis word is often used to express sympathy in a cute manner.“Ag Shame Bru”, “Look at that cute little kitten, ag shame man!”

ShotThank You.“Shot hey!”

Slap Chips [sl-up chips]Fat french fries, usually soft and oily. Slap is Afrikaans for “limp”, which is how French fries are generally made here. Except for at McDonalds, where they only serve anorexic chips.

SlopsA type of sandal, you can’t go to the beach without ‘em!

SortedTaken care ofHennie : “Did you do the dishes?”Hendrik : “Ja, it’s sorted!”

TakkiesWhat Americans refer to as Sneakers.

TuneTo backchat or insult someone in an effort to cause trouble.“Hey Man, Don’t Tune Me Grief!”

Voetsek [foot-sak]Afrikaans for “Bugger off!” or “Get Lost” / “Go Away”.

Vol Kak [fol kak]The Afrikaans way to say “Full of Sh!t”“Jy is vol kak my bru!”

Yonks Ages. "Hey China I haven't heard form you in yonks."

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