Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things I will miss (in no particular order)

Taxi adventures

Waiting for taxis

Waiting for taxis to fill

Waiting for taxis to leave

My favorite SA farmer and his lovely wife

My YAGM family

My South African family


Google and Sherry

The Drakensberg Mountains

Morning chapel

YAGM retreats

Braais on the farm

Braais in general


Five roses

11:00 tea break

Rump steaks

Dragon Peaks, the adventure crew, the Ch√Ęteau De Rus, and the many random nights



My kids at the Kwethu Cottages

The never ending Kwethu drama

My flat at the Kwaz


SA rainstorms…particularly those that made my kitchen flood

Seeing little Afrikaner boys walking barefoot everywhere

Sharks Rugby…BEAST…Sharkies for life

Pirates Vs. Chiefs soccer matches

Running out of petrol multiple times in the Kwethu Kombi

Smell of the Kwaz wafer bakery

4hr+ long church services and not understanding one word the whole time

Midweek adventures

Going to the butcher and having them know exactly what im going to purchase


SA sunsets over the Berg

Snow capped Berg peaks

Understanding only 30% of the conversations going on around me


Amandelenkosi (local shebeen)

Playing snooker (shooting pool) at the aforementioned establishment

Having lots of free time and quiet nights

Seeing the Milky Way on clear nights

My porch at the kwaz

Bromance 2010-2011


Smelly Kwaz water

Dodgy Kwaz shath (half bath half shower)

Estcourt taxi rank

SA accent

SA slang

R9 Hansa quarts

Dodgy unreliable often down Kwaz internet

Poaching high speed internet off friends

Zulu Gogos singing and dancing

SA house music all taxi music in general (def. Not going to miss trad. Afrikaner music)

Hearing vuvuzelas in the distance after a big soccer game

DJ Mufti

Post world cup buzz…long after the world cup was over

Not having to worry about anything that was going on back home

Getting chased by ostrich on my bike (true story)

Going for a run through the Emphangeni community and having kids run along side me

Having the pastor tell me he will pick me up just now only to not show up until a weeks time had passed


SA in general

and many many more things....

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